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  • discover your body's
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  • discover your body's
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  • discover your body's
    hidden alter ego

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Get Legit Fit

Are you too busy with work, family and life to exercise, but want to whip your body into a lean, toned, and healthy shape in the shortest time possible, without complicated dieting?

Get Legit Fit


  • 1. WANT to get back in those tight-fitting clothes, but don't know where to start?
  • 2. SCARED because you're getting flabby fast?
  • 3. TIRED of feeling sluggish, irritable, and exhausted?
  • 4. ANGRY with yourself for procrastinating?
  • 5. FRUSTRATED with not knowing about nutrition and exercise?
  • 6. UNCOMFORTABLE with being in a gym?
  • 7. BORED with long workouts?
  • 8. FED UP with FAD Diets & FAT-LOSS Products?
  • 9. TRAINERS that don't personalize your wellness programs?

your personal trainer

  • Daniel Araujo - FCLA

get your training started


As my private client, I want you to be 100% satisfied!
I am completely confident you will be…
But, just to remove all doubt, I want to offer you my personal guarantee…

After 7 days of following my instructions, if you’re not thoroughly convinced it’s
I will REFUND 100% of your money right on the spot!
Do we have a deal?
You are not alone…Let’s reach your fitness goals together!

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Providing personal fitness training and nutritional planning for the Los Angeles area. Fitness Club LA will help you become a better athlete, build strength and lose body fat.

  • Danny has been one of the fewer trainers that will not take training physically but also mentally. He starts with your habits and coaches you based on your needs!

    Joe Hazimi, Comedian
  • With Danny as my guide, I have the confidence to reach deeper and push my self further than I ever could alone. My workouts and results have been better than I could have hoped for from a personal trainer.

    Amber Noelle, Actor/Model
  • Danny brought my confidence and my body back. He is patient and determined to bring out the best in you.

    Marilyn Sanabria, Actor
  • I have been training with Danny for 2 years now. I had always been active and into exercising and my job demands that you stay in shape and look good. I had trainers in the past but no one like Danny. Danny goes the extra mile; he really cares about his clients. He really knows what he is talking about. He can create a diet and exercise routine according to what you need and how you want your body to look like. He challenges you every time you come into a session and he makes sure you are pushing yourself to your highest potential. I think Danny is a true artist when it comes to shaping your body, I am in the best shape of my life. He is an amazing trainer and a great friend.

    Lynette Coll, Actor
  • Before I started training with Danny, the gym was an overwhelming experience for me. Danny has always been patient and thorough in his explanations of what we are doing and why, while also emphasizing proper form and technique. Now my workouts are super efficient and safe, giving me great results in less time without risk of injury.

    Andreas Kraemer, Actor
  • Danny is a true fitness professional: knowledgeable, accessible, patient, and committed to his clients. I feel very fortunate that I found him when I did. If I were grading him on an elementary school report card....he'd definitely receive an "Exceeds Expectations".

    Rich Mento, Casting Director

In Training:

A 5-star private training facility located at 7416 Beverly Blvd in Los Angeles, CA 90036. This 5,000 square foot facility is fully equipped with free weights and stationary machines, cardiovascular equipment, and shower facilities. For info and reservations call Toll-Free: 855-222-0116

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