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Daniel Pereira, Fashion Stylist

  • by fitclubadmin
  • September 30, 2014
When I first became a client of Danny’s my goal was to bulk up. I had been trying to bulk up for years without any progress. After training with Danny I quickly learned that I had been doing it all wrong, and with Danny’s tutelage I quickly gained solid muscle and my body transformed. He […]Read More >>

Richard Licata, Television Executive

  • by fitclubadmin
A trainer’s value can only be measured over time by the client–and Danny Araujo is second to none.And I don’t say that lightly. I’ve been a dedicated client for over 2 years and his customized fitness program of diet, cardio and weight training has transformed me–and of course, my body– into the envy of everyone […]Read More >>

Scott Hoxby, M.A., MFT

  • by fitclubadmin
Danny gave me a workout program and a well balanced diet that resulted in me losing 25 lbs safely and within a realistic time span. I have not gained it back and am still losing.Read More >>

Park Daniel, Events Manager

  • by fitclubadmin
Danny has been my trainer for a year and he has been instrumental in helping me improve my physique and overall health. His knowledge and skills as a trainer are superb and he always knows just how far to push me while still ensuring that safety and form are first and foremost. He always puts […]Read More >>

Aileen Ranieri, Merchandiser

  • by fitclubadmin
Danny is extremely knowledgeable, passionate, and committed to personal training. Over the course of 6 months, Danny transformed my body and educated me on healthy eating through personalized training sessions and several diets that were monitored and tweaked to optimize my results to hit each specific goal. He partnered with me to understand and dedicate […]Read More >>

Chanel Jenae, VP Arcona Skin Care

  • by fitclubadmin
Danny is a first-rate trainer. He treats each client as an individual; he understands the client’s goals and needs. He will help you achieve yours. I highly recommend Danny to anyone who wants to be fit and healthy.Read More >>
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